:: How to travel by Russian railways, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union republics?
Travel by railways in Russia   Special part of our site was developed to provide additional information about Russian railways, type of cars, seats, directions, hints about traveling, railway maps, Russian railway transport rules and operation instructions.
  From our site you can find out many unique information for international passengers.
Information about Moscow railway stations
(Railway stations map, main trains directions)
Information about Saint-Petersburg railway stations
(Railway stations map, main trains directions)
How to travel by Russian passenger trains (type of cars, seats numeration, tips)
Railway tickets, prices, rules
(short explanation)
Traveling experience in Russia railways
(Stories by international passengers from Europe and America)
Guidebooks for traveling
(Russia, Moscow, Saint-Pet., Trans-Siberian Railway, Ukraine)
Russian railway ticket explanation
(How to read railway ticket - dates, seats, train etc.)
Russian or Ukrainian book-office
(How to buy railway tickets)
Communication services at Russian railway station
(Get in touch by phone, post, e-mail)
Services at Russian railway station
(Brief description of railway services)
Russian phrase book for railway travelers
(Brief phrase book for railway travelers)

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