Railway tickets, prices, rules
Travel by railways in Russia    All railway system in the former Soviet Union countries operated by government ministry (MPS for Russia, UZ for Ukraine etc.). You can booking tickets by computerized tickets order system "Express - 2" (Russia), "Express UZ" (Ukraine). Maximal term of order only 45 day in advance. Also you should know you passport info (sure name, passport number) to order tickets in Russia and only sure name in Ukraine.

  Average price for travelling by trains about 1-2 EUR per 100 km. of route by train in the 2-nd class train. Also according to railway rules you should pay additional charge for order in advance (about 1-3 EUR) and other commissions (about 1-2 %).

2-berth compartments 4-berth compartment Open-plan dormitory cars
2-berth compartments
1st class, Lux
4-berth compartment
2nd class
Open-plan dormitory cars
3rd class

If you'd like to travel by 1-st class train average price per 100 km will be about 4-5 EUR, 2-nd class - 2-3 EUR, 3-d class - about 1-2 EUR.

Tip  Tip: You should use only 1st or 2nd class trains to avoid problem with traveling comfort.

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  If you'd like to buy tickets you should know train number, departure and arrival station name, date of departure, type of train and you passport information. On each railway station you can find book office ('kassa') where you can buy tickets. You have to pay by Russian rubles RUR (in Russia), Ukrainian hriven UAH (in Ukraine). Some travel agencies provide additional booking services without traveling to railway station. You can order tickets by phone or Internet (for example Bilet.ru agency in Moscow). You can pay in office of by credit card.

  Railway transportation system regulated by Rules of Transportation Passengers, Luggage and Cargo. According to this Rules:

  • You can transport one child before 5 years free of charge, before 10 years - 50 % of railway tickets (you need to have confirmation documents for this).
  • You can transport animals (dogs, cats) with you after additional fee.
  • You can transport bicycle in luggage car with you train (additional charge).
  • You can use first aid kit free.
  • You can use hot water in boiler for personal use free (in each train).
  • Also, if you are student of Russia - you can get discount for ticket.

  Unfortunately, there is now right now special railway season tickets or 5, 3- days tickets like in Europe.
  All information about trains departure, arrival and price you can read in you ticket.

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