How to buy railway tickets in Russian or Ukrainian book-office
Travel by railways in Russia     If you'd like to buy railway ticket in book-office, you should know the following information:
  • date and time of departure
  • number of persons and age (if you'd like to take child discount)
  • type of car (see explanation of cars types)
  • departure station (where you leave) and arrival station (where you'd like to be)
  • passport (adult document) and \ or children birth certificate (or passport)
Tip Attention:
Take into account, that most of book-offices not equipped by POS-terminals to accept credit cards. That's why you should prepare cash (Russian rubles (RUR) - for Russia, or Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) for Ukraine).

  • if you have only credit card - try to find nearest money access machine (usually on each large railway station located from 1 to 10 different machines). Don't forget about withdrawal of money interests
  • if you have some cash, for example USD or EUR, you should find Exchange office (small offices to exchange money by commercial rate of exchange)
Attention: Please don't try to exchange you money by any suspicious persons. It's dangerous.
money access machine exchange office

Russian Ruble Ukrainian hrivnya
Look at Russian ruble
Look at Ukrainian hryvnia
Rate of exchange: USD/RUR, EUR/RUR (Russia), USD/UAH, EUR/UAH (Ukraine)

Average comparative price:

Bun - about 0,2 USD
Average railway ticket price from Moscow to Saint - Petersburg (650 km.)
  • Lux (1st class) - about 52 USD
  • 2nd class - about 24 USD
  • 3thd class - about 8 USD
Dinner in train restaurant - about 15 USD
1 night apartment in hotel (3 - 4 star) - about 50 USD

  Generally, you can find apartments on each large railway station. As a rule it's near station Hotels (in Russian - "Privokzalniy Hotel") or special furnished rooms in railway station.
You can find out information about city hotels from inquiry office at railway station.
Attention: You should have passport to check in.

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