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  You should enter station title to start railway station search process. Take into account, that in some cities located more then one railway station ( Moscow, Sant - Petersburg etc.) In this case it is better to enter city name instead of station name. For example, we have more then 5 railway stations in Moscow - Kurskiy railway station, Kievskiy, Yaroslavskiy etc. If you don not sure about station name just enter city title - Moskva.

  For you convenience please choose station name from drop-down list of large railway stations of the CIS.
  In addition, you can choose timetable for special date (because some trains runs by odd or uneven days or by special days of week). If you don not know train periodicity - please clear date filed - then you will be search timetable without special date.
  Also, please take into account, that some railway stations and cities change title since last 3-5 years (for example: Sverdlovsk to Ekaterinburg, Gorkiy to Nigniy Novgorod etc.) In this case please use old station name (or city) because station search enabled only for old station names.
  If you can not find station name after that - please try to enter fragment of station title by first letters, for example: Mosk for Moskva. In this case our system will try to choose station by similar letters.
  After station and date choose press "Search" button to start search process. If more then one station with similar names will be found - you can choose one from drop-down list. You should choose station from this list to proceed search. After that please enter "Search" button again.
  Then you will be transferred to search result page according to entered station name and date period.

  The following information will be shown in search result: train number, departure station, arrival station, departure and arrival time, stop time, train type (passenger, fast, firm).
  To show detailed train route please press train number link. You will be transferred to detailed train route page.
  When you will press on departure or arrival station title link you can find information about station timetable
In addition, you can use following functions in search result page:
  • sort of search result by train number, departure or arrival time. To start sort press on table header - in this case page will be reload with new sort order
  • booking of railway tickets by our partnership program (press link on the top of page and fill in order form)
  • get additional information about station (weather forecast, city portal info etc.)
  • use print version of search result
  • change search result by date

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