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  To search train routes between stations it is necessary to enter the name of departure station and arrival station. Keep in mind, that some cities have more then one railway stations (Moscow, Saint Petersburg). In this case you can enter the name of city, instead of railway station. For example, in the city of Moscow is Kursk, Kiev, Yaroslavl, etc. stations. If you do not know, what station is necessary for you, simply enter Moskva. For an example we shall search for trains on a route Moscow - Vladivostok. Into a field "FROM" enter Moskva since we do not know precisely railway station title from which trains to Vladivostok are run. Into a field "TO" we shall enter Vladivostok.

  In addition, you can choose timetable search for chosen date (as some trains runs on even or odd days, or on days of week). If you do not know, for what date the schedule is necessary for you - simply press the button of date clearing - and you can search timetable without taking into account concrete date Also we ask you to pay attention that some stations and cities have replaced the name for new one (for example: Sverdlovsk to Ekaterinburg, Gorkiy to Nizhni Novgorod). In this case please use the old name of city (or stations) since it is located in our system of search.

  If you cannot find the schedule after mentioned above, try to make search in initial letters of the name, for example: Sankt for search of the schedule in Saint Petersburg railway station. In this case the system itself will help to pick up to you the necessary station title.

  After a choice of the station name and date press button "Search" to find arrival and departure station name according to you request. If you find some similar names, you will see variants of stations to choose concrete stations from the dropping out list. Having chosen that is necessary for you, press button " search ". We choose station of departure Moskva, arrival station Vladivostok and then press the button "Search".

  You will pass to the page containing the schedules of passenger trains on the specified route. If you have not found trains, which in your opinion precisely runs - probably it is necessary to replace date of inquiry or date of search.

  In search result you can find following information: train number, station of departure, arrival station, a departure time for station on which to be spent search, type of a train. To see a detailed route of the necessary train, simply press on its number. You will pass on page with a detailed route of train movement. By pressing the name of departure or arrival station, you can pass to the schedule on the chosen station.

  In addition you can use the following service functions on routes search page:
  • sorting results (for this purpose simply press heading of a column, and the page will be overloaded in view of the chosen sorting)
  • to book a ticket on a train through our partner program (simply press the reference at the top of page and fill in the form to booking
  • to receive the additional information on station (weather, a site of city etc.)
  • to get print-version of result page
  • search of routes for other date

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